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The training center for cold chain, air-conditioning and refrigeration

Cemafroid and Tecnea remain fully operational and at your service

Dear Customers and Partners,

In this difficult period, the Cemafroid-Tecnea group is doing everything it can to provide all of its services for all its customers wherever they are and in compliance with the health provisions in force to protect its employees, those of its customers and partners and limit the spread of the epidemic. Refrigeration is essential in our societies but it will be even more so to fight the epidemic and get through it in the best conditions. Refrigeration professionals, refrigeration users, all of you Cemafroid-Tecnea group customers, we thank you for your trust and loyalty. To defeat the virus we need health security but also resources and a strong economy. The Cemafroid-Tecnea group is there to support you in these difficult times and we assure you of our total availability at your service. Together we will take up this new challenge, in France, Italy, Canada but also in the more than 40 countries where we operate.

With best regards
The management of Cemafroid-Tecnea

Cemafroid Formation certificate of training
All trainings of Cemafroid Formation are recognized with a training certificate.

Refrigeration and environment

Training on the impact of refrigeration on the environment

Formation impact du froid sur l'environnement froid

Cemafroid Formation offers training on controlling refrigeration systems, limiting their energy consumption, the use of refrigerants and compliance with applicable regulations..

FE1 - Sustainment and maintenance of refrigeration facilities

Appropriate regulatory requirements for refrigeration systems through good maintenance practices.   See the training

FE2 - Energy performance and energy efficiency certificates (C2E) in refrigeration systems

Improve the energy performance in refrigeration and air conditioning installations.   See the training

FE3 - F-Gas regulations

Meet the new requirements of Regulation F-Gas.   See the training

FE4 - Obligations of operators of refrigeration systems

Manage regulatory requirements for refrigeration systems.   See the training

FE5 - Refrigeration plants: regulation of pressure equipment (ESP)

Mastering pressure equipment regulations and stakeholder empowerment   See the training

FE6 - The ICPE regulations applied to refrigeration facilities

Master the ICPE regulations for refrigeration plants.   See the training

FE7 - Master the 16247-4 standard for carrying out energy audits in the transport sector

Know the normative requirements for conducting an energy audit in the transport.   See the training

FE8 - Master the 16247-2 standard for conducting energy audits in industry

Know the normative requirements for conducting an energy audit in stationary refrigeration installations.   See the training

FE9 - Leak detection methods and containment of refrigeration plants

Apply good practices in containment.   See the training

FE10 - NF EN 378 standard, A2L and flammable fluids

Control the safety and environmental requirements of refrigeration systems.   See the training