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The international expert of cold chain, refrigeration and air-conditioning

Cemafroid and Tecnea remain fully operational and at your service

Dear Customers and Partners,
In this difficult period, the Cemafroid-Tecnea group is doing everything it can to provide all of its services for all its customers wherever they are and in compliance with the health provisions in force to protect its employees, those of its customers and partners and limit the spread of the epidemic. Refrigeration is essential in our societies but it will be even more so to fight the epidemic and get through it in the best conditions. Refrigeration professionals, refrigeration users, all of you Cemafroid-Tecnea group customers, we thank you for your trust and loyalty, we assure you of our total availability at your service. Together we will take up this new challenge, in France, Italy, Canada but also in the more than 40 countries where we operate.
With best regards
The management of Cemafroid-Tecnea

History and main figures

The history of the expert of the cold chain, air conditioning and refrigeration

Cemafroid is more than 60 years of evolution in the service of health, hygiene, safety and environment:

1958 : Creation of laboratory of Antony

The ministry in charge of agriculture decided to install a technical center in Antony.

1970 : French regulation and ATP

The expertise of the Agriculture Ministry technical center contributes to the development of national legislation as a basis for the drafting of the ATP Agreement.

1985 : Creation of Cemagref

The technical center becomes a laboratory of Cemagref

2000 : Creation of GIE Cemafroid

GIE Cemafroid includes :
- CEMAGREF, public research body,
- PERIFEM ass. Technical distribution,

2010 : creation of Cemafroid Group

- Creation of the holding TECNEA,
- Creation of Cemafroid Formation,
- GIE Cemafroid becomes a SNC.

2013 : European Development

- Creation de Tecnea Italia.

2014 : Cemafroid becomes a SAS

- Cemafroid snc becomes sas.

2016: Creation of an Inspection subsidiary

  • Creation of Tecnea Inspection sas.

2018: New brands and entities

  • Takeover of the HYDROTEST brand for regulatory verification of lifting devices.
  • Creation of TEC Energie sas for the inspections of works eligible for energy savings certificates.

2019: Deployment overseas, in Canada and launch of the ECLER program

  • Creation of a new establishment on Reunion Island to cover our services in the Indian Ocean.
  • Creation of " Le Frigorifique" research partnership with the CNAM.
  • Creation of Tecnea Canada inc.
  • Launch and management of the ECLER energy savings program to optimize energy in refrigerated transport.

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Key figures of Cemafroid

Cemafroid achieved a turnover of 10 million euros in 2019.

Testing and studies

More than 1,000 tests per year.

10+ technical studies and R & D carried out per year.

Certification and Evaluation

More than 11,000 certificates of capability (ADC) issued since 2008.

Over 1,100 ADC audits per year.

More than 15,000 products labelized Certicold.

+50 sites labelized Certibruit.

ATP competent authority and Certification transport

Over 35,000 ATP certificates issued per year.

Over 250 ATP audits per year.


More than 700 trainees per year.

90 sessions inter and intra companies performed in average per year.

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