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The international expert of cold chain, refrigeration and air-conditioning

Cemafroid and Tecnea remain fully operational and at your service

Dear Customers and Partners,

In this period of global health crisis, Cemafroid and Tecnea remain fully operational and at your service to get through these difficult months in France, Italy, Canada and in all the countries of the world where we operate. The cold chain, both for food and for health products, is more essential than ever to ensure the nutrition of populations and their care. Everyone needs refrigeration professionals in these pandemic times, your equipment, your services and your skills and all the staff of Cemafroid is operational to support you in respecting government guidelines and ensuring your safety and that of Cemafroid and Tecnea staff.

Our laboratories for both tests and calibrations and verifications remain operational in Fresnes, Cestas and Casale Monferatto. We honor all of our test and verification appointments and still have slots available for your calibrations and tool verifications. Do not hesitate to send us your materials by courier service or carrier. Our certification and inspection teams are at your disposal in telework to support you and guarantee your compliance and performance, issue certificates of compliance and answer your questions. They manage your certification files and you can take advantage of any availability to update your files with our team. Our experts are at your disposal to support you and help you solve your cold chain, refrigeration and air conditioning problems. Our training actions are maintained with modern videoconferencing tools. Most of our services remain available.

All measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our teams and our customers and to facilitate the organization of our services in compliance with the rules laid down by the various governments with teleworking and without taking unnecessary risks. All scheduled meetings will be held by videoconference or conference call. We have also innovated for training by offering those that can by videoconference allowing participants to participate remotely on a computer or a phone.

Let us do everything, together, so as not to transform the health crisis into an economic crisis!

With best regards
The management of Cemafroid Tecnea

Refrigeration and air treatment

Advices from refrigeration experts

Cemafroid offers many benefits for all professionals in refrigeration and air treatment and all holders of air conditioning or heat pump systems: refrigeration or air conditioning technicians, engineers and technicians of maintenance, operators of refrigeration and climatic systems, logistics, automotive professionals, operators handling refrigerants, inspectors and auditors, consultants ...

Our missions consist in:

  • accompanying you to choose and optimize maintenance of your refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • guaranteeing you regulatory compliance of your equipment.
  • advising you to reduce your energy consumption.
  • allowing you to anticipate regulatory changes.
  • transmitting you good practices.
Audit fluides frigorigènes @Cemafroid
Operators handling refrigerant

our "Refrigeration" services

FGAS Certification issuance of the certificates of capability to operators handling refrigerants (FGAS regulation)
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Verification of tools for refrigeration professionnals Periodic calibration of instruments dedicated to refrigeration (FFGAS (CE) n°517/2014, NF EN 35-421, NF EN 14-6240)
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Energy audits Audit mandatory for savings on the energy bill (2012/27 Directive of 25/10/2012, Law No. 2013-619)
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Setting up of ISO 50001 management system Assistance in the establishment of an ISO energy management system 50001
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ESP compliance Support in the compliance of your Refrigeration Equipment under Pressure (ESP)
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Heat pumps and air conditioning systems Inspection Periodic verification of air conditioning and heat pump up to 12kW
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Measurement of cooling capacity and consumption of Heat pumps and air conditioning systems (EN 12309-2)
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Air-flow measurement on evaporator, fans.... (NF EN ISO 5801, ANSI/AMCA, ANSI/ASHRAE)
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Training for all professionals and users of refrigeration and air conditioning: General familiarity with the refrigeration, Metrology and Instrumentation Equipment, Refrigeration and Environment ...
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Expertise and studies dedicated to professionals and users of refrigeration and air conditioning systems: Technical Expertise of facilities, Containment and retrofit of refrigeration and air conditioning systems ...
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