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The international expert of cold chain, refrigeration and air-conditioning

Who are we?

Shareholders of Cemafroid
Instances of Cemafroid

Expert of cold chain, refrigeration and air-conditioning

Present in France and abroad, Cemafroid provides to the professionals and industrialists the guarantee of compliance and performance of the cold chain or refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Our work helps to protect people improving the performance of equipment of transport and storage for perishable food and health products.

Cemafroid also contributes to reducing the impact of refrigeration on the environment and global warming in particular by certifying companies handling refrigerants particularly dangerous for the planet.

Today and tomorrow, Cemafroid, the refrigeration expert

at the service of business competitiveness, of health and safety of people and the planet. Cemafroid is committed to offer its customers and partners a range of recognized excellence services with responsiveness and flexibility: testing, verification, certification, training, expertise, development and innovation, public services...

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Shareholders of Cemafroid

Cemafroid SAS is a "société par actions simplifiée" between 4 members:

Tecnea SAS

Group holding.
Tecnea held by employees of Cemafroid.

Tecnea groupe Cemafroid

Cemagref participation SASu

Participation affiliate of Irstea (Ex-Cemagref).
Irstea is the Institute for Research in Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture.

Logo Irstea

Transfrigoroute Prestations SASu

Participation affiliate of Transfrigoroute France.
Transfrigoroute France is the interprofessional technical association of temperature-controlled transport in the field of transport.

logo Transfrigoroute France

ED Conseils - Etudes et Développements Conseils SASu

Participation affiliate of Perifem.
Perifem is interprofessional technical association for trade and distribution.

logo Perifem

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Instances of Cemafroid

Cemafroid has a Supervisory committee chaired by Gérard MATHIEU. Cemafroid is led by TECNEA SAS represented by its President Gerald CAVALIER.

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Supervisory committee of Cemafroid

The Supervisory Committee established by the Statute of Cemafroid guides the work and illuminates the Presidency's decisions. The members of the Supervisory Committee are individuals appointed for a term of three years by decision of the partners. They elect a president for the term of office.

Gérard Mathieu- CS Cemafroid
President Supervisory committee of Cemafroid

Former president of GIE Cemafroid

Franck CHARTON- CS Cemafroid
President of ED conseils, CEO of Perifem, Former Director of GIE Cemafroid

Georges Ferreira- CS Cemafroid
Expert qualified


Laurence Fournaison- CS Cemafroid
Research Unit Director at Irstea

Jean-CharlesFromage - CS Cemafroid
Jean-Charles FROMAGE
Executive in STEF

Stephane LAYANI- CS Cemafroid
Stéphane LAYANI

Philippe MARCHAL - CS Cemafroid
Philippe MARCHAL
Conseil Général de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture et des Espaces Ruraux (CGAAER)

Erick MEJEAN - CS Cemafroid
General manager Lamberet Sas

Paul MENNECIER- CS Cemafroid
Deputy Regional DRAAF of Haute Normandie

emmanuelle Soubeyran- CS Cemafroid
Emmanuelle SOUBEYRAN
Chef de Service de l'Alimentation - DGAl

Laurent ROSSO- CS Cemafroid
Laurent ROSSO
Terres Univia & Terres Inovia Director

Pierre-Yves SAINT - CS Cemafroid
Pierre-Yves SAINT
President - Cemagref participations, General secretary Irstea

Guy THOMAS - CS Cemafroid
President -Transfrigoroute Prestations, Technical director Petit Forestier

Veronique VISSAC - CS Cemafroid
Director Valuation Transfer, Irstea


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Presidency of Cemafroid

Presidency of Cemafroid is provided by Tecnea SAS. It is represented by its President and Executive Board. The Presidency defines strategy of Cemafroid and ensures its operational management.

Gérald CAVALIER - Cemafroid-Tecnea
President Tecnea - President Cemafroid

Eric DEVIN - Cemafroid-Tecnea
President Cemafroid Formation - General manager Cemafroid

Laurent LACCHIA - Cemafroid-Tecnea
Secrétaire Général

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