May-June 2017  
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  cemafroid   Food - A new protocol for temperature control of refrigerated food stuff during delivery / receptions  

At the request of many professional organizations, the General Directorate of Food (DGAL), has published a new memorandum to harmonize temperature control practices during food delivery / reception.

This memorandum defines:

  • the requirements for thermometers (type conformity to NF EN 13485),
  • the modalities of verification of thermometers every two years according to standard NF EN 13486,
  • the procedure for measuring the temperature of the products,
  • the acceptance criteria for loading and deliveries.
  Controle température denrées périssables entrepot

Go further ?

The memo 2017-425 of the DGAl of May 10, 2017 is available for download on the website of the Competent Authority ATP in the regulation tab: www.autoritecompetenteatp.cemafroid.fr.

For the conformity of your thermometers and their periodic checks, do not hesitate to contact us. Cemafroid laboratories are accredited Cofrac Essais (Accreditations n ° 1-0699 and 1-1695 - Scope available on www.cofrac.fr) and Cofrac Calibrations (Accreditations n ° 2-1862 and 2-1863 - Scope available on www.cofrac.fr).

Our laboratories can verify the conformity of the measuring equipment with standard NF EN 13485 as well as calibrations of temperature and thermometer recorders according to NF EN 13486.

Do not hesitate to visit our website dedicated to our testing and calibration services: www.cemafroid.fr/essais.htm or to contact our hotline at +33 1 49 84 84 84 or via contact@cemafroid.fr.

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