March-April 2016  
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  cemafroid   Transport - DGAl (French Food administration) updates the rules for tests centers and manufacturers  

Cemafroid is the ATP competent authority by delegation of the Minister in charge of food. Actions of certification and authorization of perishable foodstuff transport professionals are determined thanks to the technical standards published by the French General Directorate for Food (DGAL).

  Référentiels professionnels transport frigorifique ATP

The rules for the authorization of manufacturers of perishables transport bodies or refrigeration units was updated by the DGAl. The main change in this regulation concerns the method of calculation of the required number of audit days depending on the production of equipment to control. Indeed, the basis for calculating the audit duration passes 0.5 days for every 20 vehicles. It was 1 day to 40 vehicles in the previous rules.

The new rules for the authorization of manufacturers are applicable from 03.01.2016.

Calcul jours audit constructeur atp

The rules for the authorization of tests centres in charge of carrying out requests for renewal of certificates of technical compliance of perishables transport equipment, were also reviewed by the DGAl. The main novelty of the technical rules is the appearance of Annex 16 on the protocol for the technical renewal of the small containers in-service.

This new annex offers holders of fleets of hundreds of small containers, the option to also renew the certificates of technical compliance according to a protocol adapted to the technical and economic constraints.

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