January 2016  
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  cemafroid   Food - The utility of the cold chain to reduce food losses  

Returns on the second "World Cold Chain Summit" of Singapore.

The second edition of this event created in 2014 in London by UTC-Carrier brought together over 130 people from 35 countries to discuss the use of the cold chain. Gérald Cavalier President of Cemafroid participated.

You could come across representatives of Carrier like André Stumpf or Bertrand Gueguen, UTC and Sensitech, but also Coldway Laurent Rigaud, IIR Didier Coulomb or Eric Schuler. FAO, UNEP or NCCD were present.

  World Cold Chain Summit Singapour - gaspillage alimentaire

In addition to lectures and workshops, this conference helped very many fruitful exchanges between the numerous coldchain world decision makers. A section dedicated to the conference is available for download.

Here are the main topics covered in this article:

  • The challenge of food waste as the theme of the conference
  • The vision of FAO
  • The intervention of the UNEP
  • The role of the IIR
  • Losses in developed countries analyzed by LSBU
  • The environmental impact of the deployment of the cold chain
  • Cold chain in developing countries
  • How to reduce losses through the cold chain?
  • What are the refrigeration technologies to reduce food losses?
  • What are the steps to reduce waste?
  • Delay product shelf life
  • A sustainable cold chain?
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