November 2015  
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  cemafroid   Food - Christmas and New year holidays = reinforced controls  

A memorandum of DGAl (French administration for Food) indicates that operations of control of food hygiene during production and distribution will be reinforced for on the occasion of New Year celebrations.

These actions carried out jointly by the DGAL and DGCCRF will be carried out by officials of departmental directorates for the protection of populations and by the Directorates of Food, Agriculture and Forestry on the occasion of the celebrations end year.

  contrôle température denrées périssables

This operation starts on November 30, 2015 and will end January 8, 2016. It aims to control that, despite the increased activity during this holiday season, production and distribution of foodstuffs of animal origin and the flow festive food, are in compliance with regulations.

Among the products covered by these control operations, there are products such as shellfish, game meat, poultry and foie gras ...

Controls will also be carried out in warehouses or in the means of transport in which services should pay particular attention to:

  • the hygiene of transported goods;
  • the compliance with storage temperatures of transported goods, with the verification of the correspondence between product labeling and observed physical condition, especially for fishery products frozen or fresh;
  • the effective traceability of food transported on the basis of minimal information due to the nature of the transported food and their shipping and destination points (waybill, CMR, delivery note) ;
  • the technical compliance of food transport equipment.
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