September 2015  
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  cemafroid   Food - the french ministry of Agriculture established a working group on "Packaging for the transport of perishable foodstuffs" driven by Cemafroid  

The French Ministry of Agriculture, and specifically the Directorate General of Food (DGAL) has formed a working group on "packaging for the transport of perishable foodstuff" and entrust the task to Cemafroid.

Indeed, more and more offers on Internet propose the purchase of perishables. The development of deliveries of this perishables with refrigerated packaging is significant and is expected to grow strongly in the coming years.

  Emballage alimentaire @Cemafroid-Tecnea

These refrigerated packaging solutions are subject to technical compliance requirements (see ATP international agreement and subsequent national texts : www.autoritecompetenteatp.cemafroid.fr).

However, today no refrigerated packaging solutions currently available on the market has been subject to preliminary tests required by regulations.

This situation led the DGAl to discouraged the distribution of chilled and frozen foods using this kind of refrigerated packaging system.

The working group will begin its work on October 20. It will therefore focus on identifying:

  • obstacles in the respect of the regulations.
  • technical provisions adaptable to the particular case of delivery of refrigerated packaging systems by courier.

Cemafroid as the ATP competent authority by delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture in charge of food, will drive the working group alongside professionals of transport (Chronopost, France Express ...), packaging (Medicold, Sofrigam ...), sale online (ventes-privees.com, monpoisson.com, monboucher-enligne.com, carredeboeuf.com ...) and administration (DGAl, DGCCRF ...) and is in charge of forwarding proposals to the ministry.

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