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The training center for cold chain, air-conditioning and refrigeration

Cemafroid Formation certificate of training
All trainings of Cemafroid Formation are recognized with a training certificate.

Our training offer

Cemafroid Formation, the training center for cold chain, air-conditioning and refrigeration

A training offer dedicated to all professionals confronted with the cold chain

Cemafroid, expert of the cold chain and refrigeration is involved in many areas: metrology, cold for the medical, food safety, quality, packaging, safety, eco-design and environmental impact of refrigeration plants ... Our training offer is then resolutely based on thematic bringing you a high level of technical and regulatory expertise at the very time when many regulations impact the trades and technologies related to refrigeration and air conditioning.

Our training modules

Our inter-company training catalog offers more than 30 training modules divided into 6 large families. Click on the image to see the different modules.

General familiarity with the cold chain

Generalist trainings on the basics of the cold chain and refrigeration.

  Formation générale sur le froid

Cold chain and food hygiene

Training on transport, storage, hygiene and safety of perishable foods.

  Formation chaine du froid denrées périssables

Cold chain and health products

Training on transport, storage and cold chain for health products.

  Formation pharma chaine du froid produits thermosensibles

Metrology & measuring instrument for refrigeration

Training to understand the regulations related to the metrological aspects of the cold chain and refrigerants.

  Froid, métrologie et instrumentation

Refrigeration and environment

Training on the impact of cold on the environment and the tools and regulations to improve energy performance.

  Formation impact du froid sur l'environnement froid

Regulatory vérification of tail lifts and lifting equipment

Training required for the Hydrotest qualification to train the technicians responsible for mandatory regulatory verifications of tail lifts and lifts of Persons with Reduced Mobility PMR.

  Formation hayon elevateur

Training integrated into learning paths

The pedagogical approach of our training is based on different learning paths made up of short sessions. This allows companies and trainees to integrate at their own pace our courses according to their business needs.

Thought, designed and animated by our experts trained in teaching methods, our training modules will enable you to quickly master your regulatory and technical requirements for more performance and a profitable and sustainable management of cold production.